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Negroni next to Crossip and Ritual Non-Alcoholic alternatives

Craft Cannabis Cocktails

Tis the Season for sipping — a cannabis cocktail that is!


While more and more people are reaching for non-alcoholic drink alternatives, businesses are responding and offering non-alcoholic cocktails, seltzers, and spirit options. We thought it was time someone introduced an option for our flower/cannabis lovers, so we stepped in. We’re doing mocktails the Cottontail way.

A cannabis cocktail is exactly what it sounds like — a mocktail infused with an edible form of cannabis. If you’re into the easy-living lifestyle, these drinks are a great way to enjoy cannabis in a more discrete way, while still taking part in social sipping with your friends.

As we don’t recommend mixing cannabis with alcohol, these drinks are best created with non-alcoholic spirits or other alcohol alternatives, like Ritual and Crossip (both available in store). The cannabis infusion comes from a concentrated or drink-crystal form of cannabis, specially-formulated to be water-soluble. As with all forms of cannabis, remember to go at your own pace. Start low and go slow, as we say.


You can make your own craft cannabis cocktails at home this season with our Cottontail x SOBR Market Mocktail Bundles! Each bundle includes the following:

  • Your choice of Crossip Non-Alcoholic Spirit
  • Your choice of Ritual Spirit Alternative
  • Your choice of TGOD Ripple Powder (Unflavoured or Quicksticks)
    • Optional if you want the cannabis infusion
  • Four mocktail recipes
  • Two SOBR coasters
  • Cottontail stickers

All wrapped in a white gift box and branded belly band, making it a perfect pre-wrapped gift for the easy-living friends on your list!

To help you start thinking about how you want to build your perfect bundle, here are our favourite Ritual x Crossip pairings:

  • Crossip Pure Hibiscus + Ritual Gin Alternative
  • Crossip Fresh Citrus + Ritual Tequila Alternative
  • Crossip Dandy Smoke + Ritual Whiskey Alternative
  • Crossip Blazing Pineapple + Ritual Rum Alternative

If you want to learn more about cannabis drinks, our new non-alcoholic spirits, or start building your mocktail bundle, pop into the shop!

Happy sipping!


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