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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis Knowledge

What is the difference between THC & CBD?

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THC and CBD are the most prominent natural compounds (cannabinoids) found in cannabis. Both are known to have unique medicinal benefits while THC is the one of the two responsible for giving the user a euphoric or high feeling.

What are terpenes?

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Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in cannabis. They vary greatly between strains and can give cannabis a distinctive smell and flavour—like pine, citrus or pepper—even changing the effects of that strain in some cases.

Which form of cannabis is best for me?

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That depends! It’s all about what you’re hoping to achieve. We recommend trying a few types in small amounts and deciding for yourself. As always, feel free to speak to one of our highly knowledgeable brand ambassadors, they love to help!

Cannabis Laws

How much cannabis can I carry at any given time?

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Manitobans above the age of 19 can carry up to a maximum of 30g of dried flower or concentrated/edible equivalent. In turn, this is the maximum quantity that we are allowed to sell to an individual at any time.

Where can I consume cannabis?

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In Manitoba, you cannot consume cannabis in any public places, whether open or enclosed. You may consume it on your own private property or the property of someone who has given you consent.

How should I store my cannabis?

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Your best bet is to store it in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and in a glass container or vacuum sealed jar (the less air the better). Do not store it in the fridge or freezer and always be sure it is out of reach of children and persons under 19 years of age.

Health & Safety

Can I consume cannabis while pregnant?

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We strongly suggest you do not consume cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding. The substances in cannabis can be passed to the child and pose potential health problems.

Medical Cannabis

How is medical cannabis different from recreational cannabis?

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There really isn’t any difference in the cannabis products themselves, but medical cannabis requires you to have a prescription and is only sold through a medical licensed producer. Access to cannabis may also differ between a medical producer and a recreational supplier/store.

How do I get a prescription for medical cannabis?

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To get a prescription, you will need to speak to a registered medical professional.


How many customers are currently allowed in your store?

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Currently, we have a limit of up to 10 customers in our store at any given time.

What is your store doing to prevent the spread?

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Physical distancing measures are in place and we require that all staff and customers wear a mask while in-store. We also recommend using a contactless payment method whenever possible. All surfaces in the store are regularly sanitized including door handles and frequently touched items.

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