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Bedfellows cannabis-infused beverages lay on a white table. A cannabis leaf lays underneath it in the background.

New Bedfellows Craft Cannabis Drinks

What do you get when you cross a craft beer enthusiast with a cannabis connoisseur?


As adults begin steering away from alcohol and looking for alternative beverages to sip while socializing and relaxing, cannabis-infused drinks enter the conversation. Bedfellows offers carefully crafted non-alcoholic beverages that will satisfy craft beer enthusiasts on the hunt for something new.

Here are three of our current favourites:


Passionfruit Pals

When you feel like escaping for a while, Passionfruit Pals has got you. This drink combines the best of passionfruit flavours with the tropical vibes of a west coast brew. You probably won’t actually want to share it with your pals.Bedfellows Liquid Arts: Passionfruit Pals


Sour Razpaartner

If you’re more sour than sweet, there’s Sour Razpaartner. This drink features tart flavours mixed perfectly with a floral hop aroma and a crisp finish. Pairs perfectly with hosting a game night with your besties.Bedfellows Liquid Arts: Sour Razpaartner



Feelin’ juicy? Grab yourself a Doppelrädder. This drink serves up big grapefruit and citrus flavour with a noble hop character. Tastes best when you’re sipping it with a benedict during Sunday brunch.Bedfellows Liquid Arts: Doppelradder


Remember to sip slowly and responsibly — the onset of cannabis drinks can take 30 minutes to two hours, and can last up to 12 hours. We also never recommend mixing cannabis-infused drinks with alcohol.

If you’re still curious about cannabis-infused drinks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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